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Rattanakosin Gold Jewelry

“Rattanakosin Gold Jewelry” is a new term to describe a concept of gold designs influenced by the Rattanakosin era. This idea has been carried out to make a number of elegant gold designs and become one of the best products from Kanchanaburi in a campaign called “one tumbol one product” or known as “OTOP” – under the brand of “Dhanu”.


All Designs emphasize on a charming traditional Thai patterns, yet partly modernized to make them glowing with a local 9-color stone or a lucky charm, as Thai people believe, like feathers from elephant’s tail, a material from a bull horn and so on.


The process of production requires both proficiency and creativity to invent a unique pattern and design. Each piecework reflects all the efforts of the craftsmen in every detail. All patterns are delicately designed with a sense of Rattanakosin era. They are all gorgeous and fabulous!!!


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