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Celadon the Best of Ceramic

During 1300-1500 A.D., Sukhothai – the capital of the first Thai Kingdom – was the production center of the greenish-glazed stoneware known as “Sangkhaloke” wares due to the mispronunciation of Sawankhaloke – the name of an important production site of the kingdom. However, westerners call this kind of ceramic “Celadon” after a French term, but in fact Celadon originated in China whose products have always been easily identified with Chinese characters at the bottom of the vessels. But if a vessel bears Thai letters instead, it was certainly made in Thailand.


The method of production has been handed down from generations to generations, and spreading throughout several provinces in Thailand, especially in Chiang Mai where the low-fired earthenware or Terra Cotta like water containers, pots and vases, has originally long been produced for daily life uses.


Celadon wares in different forms have been developed to meet all functional needs. And later, when some westerners have participated in this beautiful craftsmanship by operating some celadon factories, a more variety of designs has been produced, such as dinning sets, vases, and decorative items.


As a result, Celadon has become increasingly popular, thus encouraging its further and various improvement. A number of factories in Chiang Mai have become well known, and the majority of them appreciatively maintain the traditional production method with minimum mechanical devices, including using the ancient glaze formula prepared with the ashes of Overcus belutina and Terminalialate heyna.

Source: www.chiangmaiceladon.com


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