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1. จิราวรรณเบญจรงค์ (Shop Products)

Sanam Chandra Palace

Lush refreshing garden and elegant ambience are the beauty of Sanam Chandra Palace. The old palace remains charming and timeless with a combination of different architectures built during the reign of King Rama VI for the royal stay during his visit to Nakhon Pathom. Thai, modern Thai and European style architecture scatter the landscape. Phra Tamnak Chali Monkol-asna stands elegantly with reddish roof and cream-colored wall. Its Renaissance style keeps the palace timeless, though it was built since a century ago.


2. เซรามิคบึงสามพัน (Shop Products)

Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaeo

Benjarong wares, pearls, beat, gems, rings, colored stone as well as colorful mosaic tiles are used for decorating pavilions of Wat Phra That Pha Son Kaeo. Every square inch of the vibrant architecture ranging from piles, walls, floors, to staircases are beautified. When bathed with sunshine, the whole temple glitters just like heaven. The temple houses relic of the Lord Buddha and five seated Buddha statues among the embrace of mountains.


3. เตาหลวง  สตูดิโอ (Shop Products)

Wat Phra That Doi Saket

Built since 1612, the mountain-top Buddhist temple can be noticed from distance. The temple is outstanding with a gigantic seated Buddha statue at 9.99 meters wide and a Lanna-style pagoda which houses a holy hair of the Lord Buddha. Annually, the temple turns vibrant with a celebration when Buddhists bath the Mahabodhi tree, the significant tree of Buddhism, with royal water and milk. Such an only celebration of its kind in Thailand is held on Visakha Puja Day or the full moon day of the sixth lunar month.


4. บางปูใหม่ เครื่องหนังปลากระเบน (Shop Products)

The Erawan Museum

The Erawan Museum is a gigantic sculpture in the shape of a three-headed elephant. It is built from the dream of a business tycoon Lek Viriyapant, who wanted to preserve antiquities as the national treasures while the museum itself is also considered a sacred item. Besides numerous valuable exhibits, the museum’s interior design itself is great. Its domed ceiling is elaborately decorated by stained glass, depicting world map and the Zodiac. The staircase houses intricate stucco by Phetchaburi craftsmen. Four piles are elaborately covered with hand-beaten copper works, showing the religious topics and morale.


5. ศิลปะหน้ากากผีตาโขน (Shop Products)

Phi Ta Khon Festival

“Boon Luang or Boon Phawet Festival” is the annual event that people of Dan Sai District, Loei Province look forward to participating in July. The event features Phawet parade of people wearing Phi Ta Khon masks at Phonchai Temple to join sacred rite and pursue Bhodhisattva’s spiritual path. With strong determination and faith, local people mingle to finely create well-crafted Phi Ta Khon masks, bonding kids wearing little Phi Ta Khon masks to cheerfully join this festive event and ensure ritual inheritance from generation to generations.


6. หัตถกรรมงานทองเหลืองระยอง (Shop Products)

Khao Chamao Waterfall

Khao Chamao-Khao Wong National Park offers a big falls and refreshing stream. With the length of 3 kilometers, the falls cascades through 8 steps. Wang  Matcha is a big emerald-colored pool filled up with large Mahseer Barbs. Hanging bridge allows visitors to roam across the stream, watching greenery of the jungle and fill their lungs with very fresh air.


7. หัตถกรรมสแตนเลสบ้านห้วยหวาย (Shop Products)

Kanchanaburi Rafting

Bamboo raft lazily drifting on the refreshing stream is one of the highlights when visiting Kanchanaburi Province. When bamboo rafts make its way through nature, rafter can get a laid-back moment or dive in the stream. Rich with scenic mountains and peaceful nature, great view along the Kwai Noi and Kwai Yai River allows you to enjoy all the year round.


8. Double P Design (Shop Products)

Koh Kret : Mon Community

The island of Koh Kret, in Chao Phraya River, is home to the Mon community since the Thonburi period. The whitewashed riverfront pagoda of Wat Poramai Yikawat is its distinctive landmark as it a bit leans due to current erosion under its base. This Mon-style pagoda shares its design with the gigantic Mutao pagoda, Pago of Myanmar. The community is packed with charming terracotta outlets, Mon terracotta museum, and numerous sculpture studios. Koh Kret is among the oldest folk handicraft centers in Nonthaburi Province.


9. Paper Art Thai (Shop Products)

Saphan Dang Viewpoint

The red wooden bridge spans along the Bang Khun Thian coast for 700 meters, close to the shrine of Chao Poh Machanu in Samut Sakhon Province. The bridge is a great viewpoint for nice seascape scenery, sunset view, mangrove forest, and the bamboo wave protection wall. Dolphins and Bryde’s Whales showed up when cold breeze sweep through the Gulf of Thailand from November to January. Though less marine life can be spotted today, it remains a popular viewpoint, particularly during the high tide.


10. เครื่องเงินบ้านละอูบ (Shop Products)

Lawa Village of Baan La Oop

Hidden deep in the rugged mountains and misty atmosphere of Mae Hong Son Province, the little Lawa village of Baan La Oop is among the embrace of natural beauty. Lawa or Lua is an ancient ethnic group of Lanna. They can wonderfully maintain their impressive easy lifestyle. Silverware by the locals of Baan La Oop is honored as the best silver products of Mae Hong Son Province.


11.  ทองถวิล (Shop Products)

Bo Sang, Umbrella making village

Vivid colors and lovely patterns make Bosang Umbrella a symbol of Chiang Mai Province. The neat handicraft mirrors the long history and tradition of Lanna people. Every day, a number of tourists pay a visit to Bosang Handicrafts Center, in San Kamphaeng district, to witness umbrella making procedure. These handmade umbrella use Sa paper and Satin fabric.


12. อาภรณ์เครื่องเงิน (Shop Products)

Wat Phra Maha That Woramahawihan

As one of the most significant landmark in the south of Thailand, Wat Phra Maha That Woramahawihan showcases the best of Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The first-class royal temple houses a Sri Lankan style pagoda with a gold crest was built to house Buddha’s relic, which is highly respected by the locals. Souvenir outlets offering local handicrafts such as silverware, Niello wares, and shadow puppets are available in the temple.


13. PRIMAPEARL (Shop Products)

Phuket Island, Charming Pearl of The Andaman

The largest island of Thailand, Phuket is the fascinating heaven that attracts worldwide tourists, with crystal sea, white sand beach, and cozy sunshine. Phuket is where tourists can find top-class pearl farms, source of “Andaman Pearl”, precious jewelry highly-renowned around the world for its value and pristine beauty, offering remarkable experiences for tourists.


14. ผ้าขิดไหม บ้านโพธิ์ค้ำ (Shop Products)

Erawan Cave

One of Nongbua Lamphu’s best attractions, the gigantic limestone cave is situated on the mountain called “Pha Tham Chang” due to its shape of a crouching elephant. 621 steps snakes to the cave’s entrance, where a large Buddha image is located and noticed from distance. The cavern has a number of huge chambers with different rock formations, particularly the kneeing royal elephant. Three natural chimneys allow light to flood in beautifully.


15. ผ้าทอตีนจก (Shop Products)

Phae Muang Phi Forest Park

According to the local dialect, “Phae Muang Phi” is lonesome forest filed with the haunted atmosphere. But actually, the natural phenomenon has carved out the rocky landscape here over 30,000 years ago. Geologists assumed waterways here have created rock sedimentation. Uplift and rain erosion carves out the landscape and created various rock formations in strange look. So, it is called “Phae Muang Phi” or one of Thailand’s Grand Canyons.


16. ผ้าไหมบ้านหนองแข้ (Shop Products)

Nong Han Lake

When sunlight penetrates through water, weeds glow in gold color. The scenery of the lake, water birds, various fishes, and fishermen lifestyle make “Nong Han Lake” an impressive place to visit. As the largest lake in Isan, Nong Han covers an area of 30,000 acres with over 20 islets. It is assumed that the lake is created by the sinking crust after underground salt layer beneath it was washed away. The sinking has formed a lake eventually.


17. แพรอุไรบาติก (Shop Products)

Wat Phra That Hariphunchai

If you stop by Lamphun Province, Wat Phra That Hariphunchai is a place not to be missed. Located right in the heart of Lamphun City, the ancient and significant temple houses various antique architectures such as the main pavilion, Piatak Hall, Bell Hall, a pair of gigantic Singha at the entrance and Hariphuchai Museum. The Lanna pagoda glitters in gold color when the sun shines over the brass sheets which cover it.


18. Ruk batik (Shop Products)

Doi Pui Peak

Doi Pui is the highest peak of Doi Suthep- Pui National Park. Standing 1,658 meters above sea level, the peak has comfortable weather all year round. It is blanketed by a large pine forest and temperate-climate flowers of hill tribes. Doi Pui is home to a Hmong community which can maintain their identity and tradition such as the attire and cuisine. The Hmong village is surrounded by beautiful scenery, from where the peak of Doi Inthanon can be seen as well.


19. เจ.ที.ซิลค์ (Shop Products)

Wat Phra Buddha Bat Si Roy

There is an ancient belief that wherever the Buddha Footprint is, Buddhism has settled down there. Legends say there are five Buddha Footprints, and one of them is situated at Wat Phra Buddha Bat Si Roy. Hidden in the deep forest of Tambon Saluang, Mae Rim District of Chiang Mai Province, the Buddhist temple houses four Buddha Footprints laid over each other. The footprints are considered very sacramental for both Thai and foreign visitors.


20. สบู่โปรตีนไหมบ้านหนองสาหร่าย (Shop Products)

Don Chedi Monument

Don Chedi Monument dedicated to King Naresuan the Great’s victory over Phra Maha Upparacha who led Burmese forces to attack Ayutthaya in 1592. A rectangular base of an ancient pagoda was discovered in 1913. King Rama VI ordered the Fine Art Department to renovate and build a monument, depicting the epic elephant battle to honor King Naresuan the Great who saved Ayutthaya. Annually, during January and February, there is a celebration, featuring the legendary elephant battle reenactment. Tourists will find themselves before the elephant and horse army and witness the historical battle occurred over 400 years ago.


21. สมุนไพรบ้านตม (Shop Products)

Grand Canyon Khiri

Emerald-colored ponds, the backdrop of rugged mountain and their rock formation, the old quarry is called “Grand Canyon Khiri”. The quarry is long neglected until its lateritic soil excavation site, which over some 40 acres area is filled up with emerald-colored water at 30 meters deep. By the man and nature, the pond and rock embrace offer unique beauty.