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Ban La Oub Silverware


          Silverware is a brainchild from Ban La Oub’s local wisdom. Silversmith skill has been handed down for over a century in this Lawa ethnic group in Mae Hong Son province. From the traditional ornament, the tribal style silverware adopts more fashionable designs for the public access, however, the handmade product remains gracefully carved out with well-conserved patterns. Traditional designs include Flat Twisting Bangle, Pod Duang Songthaew Bangle, Pod Duang Necklace, Pam Necklace. Some patterns and design are inspired by nature such as Star-fruit Bangle, Mud Wai Bangle, and the modern Geometric Bangle. The ornaments are available both 100% silver or silver and copper-silver alloy, which is always shiny, and widely recognized by both local and international customers.: Mae Hong Son province.