Ways to Choose Products

  1. 1. Shop on Website

  2. 2. Application on mobile phone, support for IPHONE and ANDROID

  3. 3. Shop on Facebook, with your interesting shop

Tools to Find Products

Super Search
Easy to use search system, matching your
needs and saves time. You can access what
you are looking for quickly with accuracy.
You can also filter the criteria of the seller
and products as you wish.
Categorizing of products makes it easy for the
buyers to shop quickly. With the supporting filter
system, this allows to obtain the search with
accuracy, matching the need and in the quickest
way possible.
Products will enhance each other to look even
better when arrange in groups. Collections is
then a solution for the buyer to choose as
they please.

Why Us

Clear Business focus and goals
Niche Market

There is many online shops that you can find on the internet.
Shops selling good quality products are available online and
offline,but more are limited in accessibility. Thailandmall is a center
for top creative shops, with in trend of fashion, handmade quality,
and creative ideas all in one stop website. Learn More Niche Market

Center of People with Style

The center of creative product community, where you may find this
elsewhere, but with Thailandmall, we give you more than just shopping,
it is a center of community that loves creations, you will find
people familiar to you, appreciating creative ideas, just like you.
Learn More Center of People with Style

Shopping With Confidence

Transaction Services

Customers can manage each and every of their purchase order,
knowing the status of each purchase clearly.

Buyer Protection

You can have confidence that the product will be received with the
system of “Buyer Protection”. At which the system only release funds
to the shop only after the product ordered have been well
received. And if the buyer does not get the product, the buyer has the
rights to get their full refund.

Have Fun with Various Options of Application


Communication between buyer and seller account is available. The system also enables to record the past communications. Learn MoreConversation

Point return

For every buying, you will receive 1% of the total buying price when it is up to 500B of value. You can then use the collected points to get discount from Thailandmall (1 point = 1 Baht) Learn More Point return

Various of Discounts

The system provides you with various types of promotion offers, assisting for your customer to buy your products in a special price and also enhance your sells.

Feedback Scores

Enhance the customer’s and your
confidence in trading with the
feedback score system. High rank
positive feedback, More of your
customer acceptance. Learn More
Feedback Scores

International Currencies

Buyers can convert for the price
of the product in different
currency beforehand, makes
trading more convenience.
International Currencies

4 international languages

There is no boarders on ideas, apart
from Thai language, the system also
support for English, Chinese and
Japanese. While there may be more
in the future.

At Your Service Anytime

At Your Service AnytimeThailandmall customer supporting service is available to answer any question to the customer regarding the website to you every day of the week.

More and More

Thailandmall will always come up with more surprise for our friends with more fun and entertainment.More and More