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1. Shop on Website

2. Application on modile phone, support for IPHONE and ANDROID

3. Shop on Facebook, with your interesting shop

Various Systems Supporting Your Shop

Solutions That Matches Your Needs

Adjust your shop data with efficiency by the categorizing management, to reduce your time and lessen complications for the customer to use Learn More about Adjusting Your Shop


You can create limitless story telling about your product to create more confidence from your customer about the making of the product
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Set Your Selling Terms Effectively

Thailandmall has various supporting system for the merchandize, including; logistic system, pricing system, product demand system, discount system, gift wrapping system, and many more. These systems will support for the most efficiency of setting up the selling terms.
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Reduced data redundancy with the Profiling System

Reduce complications with the profiling system, which help you to set up the criteria for just one time, and be able to apply that for many different items. Making of profile quantity is limitless, quick and able to reduce mistakes of input, in comparison if done manually.
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Sale Report

A genius report of sells! Seller can check their sells, purchase order, customer list, stock quantity and many more details.
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Seller can check monthly bill, profits status, and payment dates. The system also records all your financial activities for you.
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Shop Stats

Statistical data that is specially design for the seller to better understand about their own business, including; number of visitors, number of 'likes', and also specific search that will help the shop to analyze the data right to the point.
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Google Analytic Support

Supporting system works with Google Analytic, which is a detail statistical system that will help the seller make better decision and plan for better sell strategies.
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More And More

upto 2,000 Items

You can input up to 2,000 items for each selling shop. And Able to upload up to 12 pictures for each products, with additional detail descriptions. Learn Moreupto 2,000 Items
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If you would like to manage your stock inventory, we also have a good management solution for you Learn MoreStock
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New customer is automatically recorded as memory for old customer after finish purchase order. Seller can check previous purchase of each member recorded. Learn MoreCustomer
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Membership system allow customer to get easy access to the shop newStyleetter. Learn MoreSubscribe
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2 Level Catalogs

Support for 2 levels of product categories. Learn More2 Level Catalogs
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the Shop can set opening and closing period automatically. Moreover, the system still can support for purchase request while the shop is closed. Learn MoreVacation
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