Why Join Us

Imagine you are a part of online market where there are complete service and system to support your business. Moreover, we offer you marketing service which enable you to build your own brand. Not only shop owners that we provide support, but also customers who come to shop at Thailand Mall, they all will be protected and treated fairly.

Our strategies

  • Increase sales

  • Maximize profit

  • Build brand 


We are not just for business but we would like to build community of cool, creative people designlike to make Thailand Mall a place to learn and share amongst talented people and at the same time, you can make business out of it.

Marketing service
We offer mail-alike service where we will boost sales activities and make your brand be recognized by others.

No "me-too" products
We delicately select only products which are produced with high quality and unique design, not a "me-too" products.

Multiple access points
Customers can access our website easily via multi-channels for example facebook, mobile application, website. Our mobile application is available for both iphone and Andriod system for most convenient of customers. With this service, you can gain more business opportunities because customers can always access and make transaction at your shop anywhere, anytime.

Buyer Protection
Confident with customer's protection system At Thailand Mall, every transaction you make will be protected. You can always assure that you will be receiving money back if there's is mistake or defects of products you purchased from Thailand Mall website.

International Currencies
No problem for currency confusion, we offer automatic currency conversion system which help you converting international into. That THB and vice versa.

International Languages
Borderless place for your business, we offer 4 international so you can expand your market easily.

Shop owners can always create, write, and update blogs with unlimited blogs. We provide easy but effective tools which help you presenting all products and story on your own. Be confident and attractive to your customers.